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Rural Primary Care Workforce Education Group (RPCWEG)

To provide to all eligible registered rural primary health care professions working in rural Te Tai Tokerau rohe/geographical area for a minimum of 16 hours per week, access to funding for the purposes of maintaining professional development by attending nationally recognised events, courses, conferences, training or workshops that can be linked to the NDHB vision and health services plan. There is limited funding available for registered rural primary health care professionals.

RPHC membership and funding


To provide to all eligible registered rural primary health care workers in rural Te Tai Tokerau rohe/geographical area access to funding for the purposes of maintaining professional development by attending nationally recognised events, courses, conferences, training or workshops that can be linked to the Northland District Health Board (NDHB) vision and health services plan.


  1. To support the professional development of registered rural primary health care workers in rural geographical area through Mahitahi Hauora (MTH).
  2. To provide a contribution each financial year for eligible members towards funding for professional development opportunities to:
    • a. enable access to education opportunities, and
    • b. encourage a leading role through assistance to attend professional related training or events.


  1. The registered rural primary health care professional must be working in rural geographical area for a minimum of 16 hours per week.
  2. The applicant must hold a current annual practicing certificate for their profession.
  3. Please read the Privacy Notice notice before applying for membership.
  4. You can down the membership form form.
  5. This form can be provided on request, Email Education Team or phone 021 869 712
  6. This is done by completing a membership form (once only required).
  7. When fully completed, return the form to the Education Team by email, by hand or post.
  8. The applicant will be registered on the MTH education database (ARLO).


  1. Funding is available to all registered rural primary health care professionals in geographical area through MTH (exempt medical practitioners, urban primary health care, and employees of the NDHB) .
  2. To be eligible you must hold membership to the RPCWEG, having completed a membership form as per the Membership paragraph above.
  3. Please read the funding terms and conditions criteria for all applications.
  4. You can download the funding application form here.
  5. The application form and documentation will be checked and verified by the Education Team when the application is received.
  6. Applications will not be processed for non-members.
  7. Applications must align to the triple aim outcomes of the Northland Health services plan, these are:
    • a. Improving health outcomes and reducing inequalities.
    • b. Improving patient experience.
    • c. Working within the financial means by working smarter.
    • d. To support our health professionals to grow their leadership potential.
    • e. To assist in retaining our workforce through education with the aim of them reaching their full potential/ top of their scope OR
    • f. The applicant has been invited to present at a recognised national or international conference.
  8. Funding is subject to budgetary constraints. This is a limited pool of money and is available until the fund has a $0 balance for the financial year (FY) subject to MTH’s funding availability and approval.
  9. An annual limit of a maximum of up to $300 for any registered primary health care professional for the period FY 1 Jul – 30 Jun.
  10. Any portion not used will not be rolled over into the next financial year.
  11. If you apply for funding for the previous year, then your funding application and receipts must be in by the 20 July for payment on 20 Aug. Late applications after this date will not be accepted.
  12. If an applicant is applying for other funding from other sources eg Ministry of Health, NDHB, they are then ineligible to access funding for the same application/event.
  13. The decision will be made by the members of the Education Team.
  14. Two signatures are required on the completed funding application for it to be approved.


  1. The funding is available for:
    • a. Travel including mileage allowance at the prescribed IRD rate.
    • b. Accommodation.
    • c. Conferences.
    • d. extbooks/workbooks or other resources relevant to the course or workshop.
    • e. Courses
    • f. Workshops


  1. The funding is not available for membership to professional societies* (this is to be paid by the individual or employer). *
  2. The funding is not available when MTH has subsidised an event/course/workshop/conference that is being run either through or by MTH and there is a fee associated for payment by invoice or other means for that event.


  1. An application will be made on the form ‘Funding Application for the Rural Primary Care Workforce Education Group’.
  2. This form will be provided on request, Email Education Team phone 09 407 3581.
  3. This is required to be completed by the applicant and submitted by email, by hand or post with all the required documentation to Email Education Team
    • a. It must be completed in full and returned with all documentation.
    • b. A copy of any course/conference/training day details to be attached with the application.
    • c. Signature of employer (if applicable) is to be completed. This allows the employer to know that an application has been submitted.
    • d. A deposit slip/bank verification/statement (without the transactions) for payment is to be attached to the application form for each application. This is to allow processing of reimbursement by MTH accounts into the nominated bank account (either applicant or employer is to be circled).
    • e. When the course has completed a copy of one of the following must be supplied within 20 working days:
      • i. certificate of completion or
      • ii. attendance certificate, or
      • iii. report, or
      • iv. email, or
      • v. letter of attendance, or
      • vi. grades.
  4. The applicant may be required to present this learning to a formal forum in person, or via a written report for dissemination to other RPCWEG members.


  1. The decision of an application for the funding will be assessed by the education team, within three months of receipt of the application.
  2. The decision is based on the criteria laid out in this terms of reference funding paragraph "triple aims outcomes".
  3. The applicant will be advised by email of the outcome (successful and total to be paid including GST; or not successful and the reason why) of their RPCWEG funding application.
  4. If successful and further documentation is required, this will be written in the email.
  5. The application will not be processed further without all the relevant information provided.
  6. The email will also be sent to the applicant’s employer (where applicable).
  7. It is up to the applicant to provide all the information, any documentation not received by the end of the FY will not be actioned further.
  8. The decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


  1. To process reimbursements for the event and any related costs all receipts must be attached to a fully completed application and submitted within 20 working days following the event’s completion.
  2. Reimbursements are made after the event, on receipt of proof of attendance/evidence of completion.
  3. No payments are made prior to an event/training/conference being held.
  4. The applicant/employer is responsible for meeting the costs for an event/training/conference in the first instance.
  5. Payments are made on 20th of the month following when ALL required information is received for an approved application.
  6. No payment will be made without a bank verification/deposit slip attached with each application.
  7. If costs for event/training/conference has been previously paid by your employer/or you are GST registered, a request for an invoice will be made. Payment will be made on receipt of the invoice.
  8. If you are unable to attend the event you must advise the Education Team in writing (email) and reimburse MTH within 14 days of this notice.
  9. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the notification is made in a timely manner to the Education Team.

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